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We serve you with stone craftsmanship which add manifold value to your life-style

HS Builders has state-of-the-art fabrication facilities with top craftsmanship to deliver quality. We add value to your floor by laying and spreading well-designed marbles giving a kaleidoscopic, soothing, and majestic view to those who step in the premises and are fortunate to walk on it. No doubt, adding value to your floor, wall, and ceiling with gems of marble is our expertise through which we add up extra quality to the lifestyle to our clients and people around.

We have all the resources to complete a project of any size. We leave our print by bringing in exquisitely carved out and delicately designed marble stones and studding them on the ground plane, vertical walls, and upward ceiling of our cherished premises/building/home giving it unmatchable look filled with a kingly aura all around. We are known for our unique style and specialty in laying marble displaying conspicuously in custom design and construction work. We are passionate about stonework that we do all the time and think about it. We welcome all the opportunities which come in our way to showcase our values of quality and value-added service at affordable cost and agreed-upon timescale.

We look at each project as a distinct opportunity to create something special and unique regardless of its size and magnitude.

We take our clients from a mere thought that they share with us, all the way through to the installation of the superbly crafted natural stone designs at ground level.

We work through our teams of experts. These experts have decades of experience in their respective fields of expertise. We don’t compromise with the quality of work – whether it is technical stone knowledge, product selection, cost consultancy, value engineering, quality assurance, or planning and design- we excel in everything and all.


We convert your thoughts into reality, your idea into action, and your dream into wakefulness. We pick up the thoughts of our clients to translate them into reality all the way through the installation of the best natural and artificially designed marble stones. From the newly built properties to renovation projects, our experts weave magic on the floor and walls creating timeless elegance of natural stone surfaces to your interiors and exteriors. 

Do not miss out on making the choice for services offered by HS Builders. 

Your ideas and thoughts partnered with our work of marble installations bring forth superb natural stone designs.
Let us get started and work together.
We leave our imprint for life for you to see both in interiors as well as exteriors on new buildings and for renovation projects.

Our specialization penetrates into every sphere of stone installation – stone laying, cladding, cutting, stone flooring, sculpting, and also includes the meticulous inlay of semi-precious stones in the designs. At HS Builders you can rest assured of quality in every sphere with the display of craftsmanship extraordinaire.

We have rightly earned the sobriquet ‘Stone Artists of Modern India’ all due to in-depth knowledge of natural stone, quartz, and other surface materials. We know perfectly well how best these stones are put to use and their varied many applications. We are committed to continuously invest in our people and systems we operate with (and through). We excel and stand out in our work. Our reputation has traveled far and wide beyond the geographical boundary of India and has earned recognition (in terms of accreditations) from various industries dealing in standardization. We have entered into international tie-ups with reputed architects and stone suppliers world over.

Now is the time to attach elegance with bespoke marble stones on the surface. Contact us to see how we change your life-style.