Bring Terrazzo Joy to Home

A Tradition of fine quality Wall and Floor Treatment- Terrazzo. When it comes to versatile and heavenly living, Terrazzo itself speaks the essence of quality. Being a recomposed stone and a perfect mixture of natural elements inclusive of marble chips,

Marble Flooring Design

Hearing the word “Marble” our brain takes us to the world of regalia, elegance, grace, and grandeur. Such is the charm of this stone that most of the world’s eminent places have the presence of this enchanting stone and the most prominent use of marble could be seen in the flooring designs.

One Terrazzo

One may disagree with Christopher Wren when he said “The secret of architectural excellence is to translate the proportions of a dachshund into bricks, mortar and marble” but once he gets familiar with Terrazzo floor and its variants he may wonder how was Wren able to conclude that thought with such accuracy, way back in 17th century.

Terrazzo: A champion of flooring options

The transition of flooring options from ceramic tiles to vitrified tiles has undoubtedly delighted the flooring experts but despite overcoming the redundancy and drawbacks posed by the ceramic tiles, the vitrified tiles themselves pose challenges to the flexibility of the flooring...

Marble: A Melody of Eternity

Historical Saga: In the historical Indian context, it’s no exaggeration that marble is the second most widely used stone after red sandstone in monumental architecture, and the same is reflected in the magnificence of Taj Mahal of Agra, Lake Palace of Udaipur...