Terrazzo: A champion of flooring options


The transition of flooring options from ceramic tiles to vitrified tiles has undoubtedly delighted the flooring experts but despite overcoming the redundancy and drawbacks posed by the ceramic tiles, the vitrified tiles themselves pose challenges to the flexibility of the flooring industry. Although they are comparatively cheap and easy to install they are slippery and suffer from the conventional problem of chipping and cracking.

To tackle the conventional problems related to tiles flooring a new player in the form of terrazzo flooring has been introduced to the championship. We are going to compare the attributes of a terrazzo flooring with other flooring options and focus mainly on terrazzo’s competency with tiles flooring. As pointed out earlier the tiles whether vitrified or ceramic are prone to chipping and cracking but the terrazzo flooring if installed in the proper guidance of a floor laying expert, is capable to tame these evils.

The cost is another factor that may lure you to go for vitrified or ceramic tiles but when you see it in a larger perspective it appears that the durability of Terrazzo makes it many folds superior than the tiles flooring.

While tile flooring needs heavy maintenance and care that has its own cost, the same is not an issue with Terrazzo flooring. In plain words, Terrazzo flooring is an ‘install and forget’ flooring option.

Another issue that makes vitrified tiles flooring appear redundant in front of terrazzo flooring is its rigidity of the design. Vitrified tiles can be used only for geometrical flooring design patterns and any complexity in the layout design makes the flooring expert anxious and worried but in the case of terrazzo flooring, the terrazzo challenges the designer’s creativity and imaginations to bring on the most complex geometrical, non-geometrical or freestyle designs.    

Everyone loves a floor that doesn’t get stained even after rigorous and rough use. However, if you have opted for a vitrified tiles flooring it may irritate you with the grout stains which are borne due to the porous nature of grouting between the tiles. Contrary to that as the terrazzo flooring doesn’t need any grouting at all so the question of grout stains is irrelevant. Further chances of staining get nullified in the case of terrazzo flooring as its surface finish and sturdiness are far superior in quality when matched with any other flooring options.

In the critical scenario of world pandemic and increasing levels of pollution, hygiene has once again the most sought after quality in every dwelling and other structures. Terrazzo once again comes to our rescue. Due to its hypoallergenic nature, you need not worry about the contact with this medic beneath your feet. Furthermore, the volume of footfalls in public and commercial buildings is beyond count in a country like ours and it is almost impossible to attain a perfect hygienic environment at all times. But what if the floor itself is capable of doing so? That is terrazzo flooring for you!    

We at HSB Stoneworks are helping clients pan India to upgrade their flooring layout to terrazzo flooring and laying down terrazzo flooring in some of the ultra-modern structures thereby granting them the much-expected grandeur. Contact us to experience the specimen of absolute excellence in terrazzo flooring.